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  • A Closer Look at Pro/Anti Vaccine Arguments

    A Closer Look at Pro and Anti Vaccine Arguments

    What if I am not anti-vaccine? What if I am not pro-vaccine? How do I make sense of the arguments out there? What if I am pro-vaccine or anti-vaccine? What would I gain by understanding the issues the other side presents beyond the talking points?

    When I wrote a previous article on risk, vaccines, and the law, the main objective was to outline the current statistics of disease to detail the crude risks so that I could use that information in a discussion about the topics surrounding risk — including the illegality of

  • Risk: Vaccines and the Law


    Risk – A Definition

    Risk is the possibility that something bad or unpleasant will happen. It is measured as a matter of statistics, given in averages and probabilities. Life is inherently risky, and requires decision-making based on risk assessment. Most of this occurs subconsciously, or more accurately, without much effort and based on precedence.