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  • A Closer Look at Pro/Anti Vaccine Arguments

    A Closer Look at Pro and Anti Vaccine Arguments

    What if I am not anti-vaccine? What if I am not pro-vaccine? How do I make sense of the arguments out there? What if I am pro-vaccine or anti-vaccine? What would I gain by understanding the issues the other side presents beyond the talking points?

    When I wrote a previous article on risk, vaccines, and the law, the main objective was to outline the current statistics of disease to detail the crude risks so that I could use that information in a discussion about the topics surrounding risk — including the illegality of

  • Risk: Vaccines and the Law


    Risk – A Definition

    Risk is the possibility that something bad or unpleasant will happen. It is measured as a matter of statistics, given in averages and probabilities. Life is inherently risky, and requires decision-making based on risk assessment. Most of this occurs subconsciously, or more accurately, without much effort and based on precedence.

  • The Case Against Wheat?

    wheatWheat, the staff of life, has been used by nearly every major civilization since the dawn of time, or at least the last 9000 years. This isn’t necessarily a good indicator that something is good for you, but it certainly does show that we’ve evolved to live with and consume wheat—and other grains, for that matter. However, recently we have seen a whole slew of negative press about wheat.

  • Learning About Christianity

    I’m building a website with launch-pad style lessons to get people interested in expanding their horizons and learning new things. Part of the Humanities section includes Religion, and I’ve been building introductory pieces on the 6 major religions. My goal is to make sure each is seen positively, so we can learn to love each other more and glory in our similarities.

    I started with Buddhism, usually seen as one of the most peaceful of all religions. A picture of happy monks and resources full of enlightened and loving Buddhists were easy to find, and the lesson came together quickly. I then moved to Islam, one of the most misunderstood and often demonized religions.